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Watch A Truck Driver Narrowly Avoid An ‘Invisible’ Pileup

Of all the road challenges weather can present, an instant whiteout blizzard may be one of the trickiest. On top of the slippery snow on the ground, the haze of white makes it nearly impossible to see what is right in front of you.
LiveTrucking reader Chad Chapman recently sent us a video that he captured back in March, showing him navigating through a large pileup that was nearly invisible during whiteout conditions, outside the city of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada.



The dash cam video begins with a view of the poor visibility.

All of a sudden the driver sees the dark outline of what appears to be another vehicle, and swerves into the left lane, stopping suddenly.

“Oh my god! Dude, gotta go” Chapman exclaims into his Bluetooth headset as he avoids another cluster of wrecked vehicles.

Chapman then manages to pull his rig safely over to the shoulder.

Navigating through one of these storms takes skill, and sometimes quick reflexes. Thankfully, this driver had both during the whiteout storm.

Check out the unbelievable footage below.

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