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VIDEO: “Didn’t You See Me?”

In this trucker’s dash cam video, a 17 year old girl crosses three lanes to cut off a truck, causing a crash. According to the trucker, the first thing that she asked him was “Didn’t you see me?” This accident was caused by a 17 year old girl with a …

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VIDEO: Trucker shuts down street racers

Some drivers should not be on the road… In this video posted on USA_Transportation’s Instagram shows 2 cars that quickly get out of the way of a tractor-trailer after they attempt to race down the highway.   It would appear that the cars briefly block 2 lanes of the highway …

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VIDEO: Ladder fire truck driven like a boss

This has to be harder than this driver makes it look. Watch as this fire truck seems to glide across the lanes of the highway: One user explains the how difficult it is for a ladder fire truck to operate so seamlessly, “This is a Tiller Ladder. The rear end …

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BMW Seat Comfort Controls

The seat position when you’re driving must the most important fact when it comes to maneuverability, safety and visibility around. That’s why your chair must be perfectly in place for you to take advantage of all you can. Seat position controls on the BMW are located on the outside of …

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